Making a Racket

It’s about time for a new blog post, I haven’t been keeping up with this blog as well as I would like to, but I’ve been busy trying to get things in order for the coming semester. I volunteer as a programming mentor with a local high school’s robotics team, but I also have been trying to start grad school in computer science with the intention to study programming languages so I’ve been giving a lot of though recently to the issue of how to best teach programming languages to students who have never programmed before.

I’ve known about Racket for a while now, several of my friends used it in their first CS classes when I was in college, but I’ve never spent more than a few days at a time looking at it or playing around with it. I think I’ve finally decided to really take it seriously this time after finding out that Shriram Krishnamurthi will be offering an online version of his programming languages course at Brown for the first time starting on September 5th. As someone who wants to end up in grad school studying programming languages this is the first online course I’ve seen pop up that really excites me, and it gives me the incentive to start taking Racket seriously again.

I own a copy of the first edition of Essentials of Programming Languages (EOPL), and have been meaning to work through the book before starting grad school, so I think I will take the next month to start working through the book using Racket in order to prepare for the programming languages course in September and to get better acquainted with Racket. Hopefully I will keep to my word and start posting more regularly, I will try to post my solutions to the exercises in EOPL using Racket as I work my way through the book.


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